Monday, January 2, 2012

2012! here we GO!

Life ain't Always easy but its a Beautiful Ride.

Seeing how much You see yourself change not only in appearance but spiritually and 
 at the end of the year 
 is sometimes Overwhelming But exciting! 
Staying strong and Getting Older its apart of Life! 
and i know ill never have to do it alone! <3

this is my year to shine!<3

My New Years Resolutions!

My deploma is my first NYR  its gonna be hard but i believe in myself.
and i have alot of people who believe i can do anything.. if getting places in
Life was easy..Life wouldnt be interesting!

My Second NYR My Licence to Drive
im 20.. with a Permit.. its hard being a slow developer in this area when all your friends 
have been driving for 3 or 4 years. and you havent..Losing someone
in a car accident and take a HUGE toll on someones Life  
fear has settled in For about 2 years and has kept me from
Living my teenage years..but im not gonna Let it control me any longer
I will acomplish this not only because it apart of growing up
Ill be overcoming one of the hardest things ive had to fight!<3

My 3rd NYR
Lol isnt this everyones? LOSING WEIGHT! 30 pounds!
your going down! :)

My 4th NYR!
Massage therapy! Oh yes i wanna be a massage therapist 
I love making People feel Better,and Bringing chii and peace And 
Relieving stress! Im hoping to be able to do my massage Career 
on cruise lines traveling the world while giving Giving peace and stress relief to
One person at a time ! <3

i am thinking about getting Vocal Lessons.. i can sing pretty good...(so im told) 
And its Kinda recently become an obsession..Ive always Loved singing Ever since i was little 
i used to sing talk! lol..who knows where it will take me but anything is possible when you 

I am and will always Be a BELIEBER! ;) 
he inspires me everyday with his story about 
Getting his Dream! hes so talented and works so hard for his fans!
he taught us..
if you just believe anything can happen! 

NOT to mention.. i am in love with him! :) and hes Gorgeous!


A NYR want :)
i want a hello kitty tattoo on my ear <3
on a serious note...

9-4-87 to 5-9-09
another year without you...
i love you so much and Miss you every day more and more but i know
in my heart you are in heaven and happy playing drums made
of gold like the rockstar you are <3
 i love you Brother and bestfriend forever

And this is my bestfriend..
we have been bestfriends since we were 13.. we have barely spent more
than two days apart since then.. her family is mine as mine is hers
we share a heart and a Life. I love her with every ounce of my being..
she is Leaving me tomorrow Jan 3rd to goto GA southern University.
To study nursing! 
Its very bitter sweet i am so Proud of her!
Bitter because we dont know how to be apart.. 
i know that know matter what nothing will ever
get in between us.. and trust me things and people
have DEF tried.. but we have an un breakable friendship! I love you baby girl 
and i miss you Already <3

LETS DO THIS 2012 <3



  1. Great NYR's!!!!! Love this post! I believe you will do all that and more sissy!

  2. Wow!!! You have inspired me!! I know you can do anything! 2012... You better watch out :)

  3. I'm right here with you Aimee Jo! The world is your oyster!